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If you are finding it difficult to concoct some new niche market ideas, or how to think of a couple of alternative ideas for searching, here’s a small list to get you started that I expectation will guide you in a couple of different directions and offer alternate ways to find your potentially lucrative new niche markets.

  1. Read your local and/or national newspaper – most are presently unreservedly available online or purchase for offline reading at your leisure. Quickly scan through your local or national newspapers to assemble some initial ideas. Be on the lookout for common questions, themes or topics that are right now being accounted for on, if it is in the information, it is getting headlines; it could be a possible niche. So identify one or two that appear to attract heaps of attention, and a subject on which questions are being asked, and away you go.

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  1. Look for, and join in forums – Enter any subject or topic like into Google for example ‘your topic/subject + forums’ and see what is returned youtube niche idea. Visit these various forums and get a general vibe for what individuals are talking or better still, asking questions about. Seeing what sort of questions they are asking… and are they getting these questions answered? If all in all, what answers are they getting? Quickly do a little research and give them a short answer to the question they’ve asked, or you could provide them with a superior or alternative answer, If bunches of individuals are asking the same or similar question then you have recently discovered a promising new niche market.
  1. Search around the video on YouTube – see what is being viewed. The benefit here is you can see precisely how many times a video has been watched. You can immediately measure how popular a particular subject is. YouTube is a smart thoughts generator because videos some become can get viral, where individuals share them with friends around the world at too fast speed. Spend a little time browsing, make an effort not to get immersed, your there for research, not pleasure, use it as a tool and there are a loads of interesting niche ideas you can get simply browsing YouTube.
  1. Investigate Amazon – you can search the magazines, the books and the software, and so forth You can find bunches of different ideas, on a multitude of subjects many of which you may not actually have considered or considered as potential niches. The beauty of Amazon is you can instantly perceive how popular different magazines, books or software items are, only by looking at their ‘Amazon sales rating.’