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Your standard limo service would be more than capable of meeting the bare minimum interpretation of luxury that would be knocking around in your mind, but in an ironic twist, this makes that type of experience rather underwhelming for the most part. When you are spending such a large chunk of cash on renting a limo, suffice it to say that you would not be satisfied by the service provider meeting only the most basic criteria. Quite on the contrary, you would want to work with a limo service that sets itself apart from the rest in all sorts of ways.

One of the many things that companies like do to set themselves apart is to have an assortment of granola bars in their minifridge. The reason behind this is that granola bars can provide you with some much needed nutrition when you are in the middle of your limo party, and as if that weren’t already enough, they can also help to fill your stomach up thereby reducing the level of inebriation that you are experiencing in the here and now. This is a step that barely any limo provider thinks to take, since the vast majority of them are just going through the motions and don’t really care about your enjoyment either way so long as they get paid!

If you really want to go for a luxury limo service that stands out as a paragon of what this industry is supposed to represent, try to prioritize luxury vehicles that have fully tinted windows. You see, privacy is a prime aspect of what makes limos so enjoyable to begin with, and a service provider that is willing to cater to this need is definitely going to be top notch.