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Having a turtle as a pet can be such a lot of fun. There are such countless assortments of turtles that are accessible on the pet market. We will take a gander at a portion of the various types of turtles and what they look like and eat.  The primary sort of turtle we will take a gander at is the chicken turtle. This turtle has a since quite a while ago striped neck just as yellow stripes on their legs. The state of these turtles is pear like and the shade of their shell can either be earthy colored or olive. These turtles are discovered living in new water. These turtles can be benefited from fish, creepy crawlies, plant leaves and organic products as they are omnivorous in nature. At the point when you choose to keep these turtles consistently ensure they approach a lake as they want to avoid dry conditions by tunneling into the mud.

Soft Shell Turtles

The following kind of turtle is known as the painted turtle. This turtle got this name because of the way that it has an extremely alluring shell that has a base that has a decent plan and looks like it were painted. These turtles are savage in nature meaning they eat different animals, for example, fish frogs among different animals that are found in lakes, streams and bogs where this turtle is found. In the event that you are to keep this sort of turtle consistently give a lake.

Red eared slider turtles can live both in water and ashore. They have demonstrated great transformation ashore. That is the reason they are perhaps the most famous turtles as pets. The red eared slider does not become extremely huge. It is by and large a little turtle. These turtles would not take care of at low temperatures. They are omnivores so they can be benefited from plant determined nourishments just as on fish and bugs.

Guide turtles got their name from the way that they have yellow blemishes on their heads, necks and legs making them resemble a guide. These turtles can live both ashore and in the water. They require great consideration as they are an anxious kind of turtle and they are liable to stretch.

There is the gathering of turtles known as the mud turtles. These are by and large little turtles and they do not need heaps of room to keep them. These soft shell turtles are anything but difficult to keep all you require to accommodate them is a lake that has a relaxing zone and has a few shakes that offer a concealing spot for the turtles.

At that point there are soft shell turtles. Their name can be deluding, they do not have a soft shell however it is as hard as that of different kinds of turtles. These turtles are the hardest to keep and are accordingly not mainstream among learners.