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Living the same routine again makes life dull. Long-distance bonds harm their strength. The romantic side of our lives has put us to termination due to covid situation. It is necessary to maintain continuity in a relationship. It is necessary to make our partner remember good times. One way of doing this is to suggest to each other a good movie.

Tamil cinema has lots of Rom-com gems in its treasure. Here we will have a look at the Raj Tarun movie oreybujjiga. It is available on Aha OTT. Aha has a variety of watch online movies . Aha also has a variety of movies of different genres. Aha provides you with a range and vision of full movies that you may crave to watch in theatres. But in this pandemic, it is safe to enjoy such desert by staying at home served by Aha OTT.

Vijay Kumar Konda directs oreybujjiga. Bujji(Raj Tarun) is an engineer, and he is about to marry in a few days. He decides to run away on the day of his marriage. Simultaneously in the same village, Krishna Veni(Malvika Nair) also has her marriage on the same day. She also has the same plan for the day as Bujji. They both succeeded in their plan of escaping but left the village in turmoil. Villagers now have a strong perception that they both have chemistry together as they both planned things simultaneously in the same village.

Despite living in the same village for 20 years, Bujji and Krishna have never met each other. But destiny has other plans for them, and they met coincidentally in Hyderabad. He tells her name as Srinu (his official name) to Krishna. The entire village knows him as Bujji, not Srinu. In parallel time chaos has reached its heights regarding Bujji and Krishna. They both fall in love with each other. But that village drama and the secret identity of Srinu as Bujji will stay for how long-from Krishna brings the best Rom-Com movie.

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